Experimedia 2013/4: CAR Virtual Network, by RealTrack

Hello there!

RealTrack is very happy to introduce you, our Experimenfor the Second Experimedia Open Call 2013: The CARVIREN

CAR VIRtual ENvironment consists in the development of a Virtual Community for the Centre D’alt Rendiment d’Esports.

RealTrack is going to develop a system where a series of WIMUs will collect data from many CAR devices (Heart Rate belts, cameras, podometers, oxygen in the muscle, etc.) and will transformthis raw data into Elaborated Information (either in Real Time or delayed), and offers it using a Widgets System (called Sportwis), accessible by Smartphone, Tablet or PC, directly in the VENUE or Remotely (in wherever part in the World)


Information can come from multiple devices: wearables, machines, cam-recorders or information stored in the Database. It means a lot of raw data that needs to be processed in order to be useful. In High Performance Centres, elaborated information is the Key. And that is our main goal with the experiment, the aim is to improve performance thanks to the Rapid Feedback.

This Experimedia project gives us the oportunity to work with some of the most important research centres in Europe, the High Performance Centre of Catalonia (CAR) and powerfull companies like ATOS. Here is the list of Experimedia Partners.

The Oportunity is huge, the challenge is amazin and the Consortium is great. We are willing to start and we will tell you how it’s going on.
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