Moxy: total integration and compatibility with WIMU and Qüiko


Little by little, Quiko monitors are growing; especially those dedicated to the physiological part. We recently, have integrated a new product from our American partner, the Moxy

Moxy is a device that measure muscle oxygenation levels in muscle tissue. Using Wimu as a hub, we create a bridge to connect moxy data with our inner sensors and other external ones. A combination very powerful to analysis disciplines and sports such as football, athletics, cyclist and way more.  And is this combination, that makes us unique.

Coming soon, there will be more news regarding this integration and a further one… with Seego. So far, we cannot tell you more… spoilers!Bottom View

Realtrack Systems is proud exclusive distributor of Moxy for Spain and Portugal.

MOXY Compatibilidad e integración absoluta con Wimu y Qüiko


Poco a poco van creciendo en Qüiko los monitores especialmente en la parte fisiológica, recientemente hemos integrado un producto de nuestro partner norteamericano MOXY, que es un dispositivo capaz de medir la saturación de oxígeno en musculo, actuando Wimu como puente o hub, somos capaces de integrar y sincronizar estos datos con el resto de los capturados por Wimu u otros sensores fisiológicos, una combinación impresionante en disciplinas como fútbol, atletismo, ciclismo, y un largo etc y un punto de calidad y diferenciación de nuestro sistema.

En breve habrá noticias sobre la misma integración que se ha llevado a cabo en Wimu y Qüiko, pero esta vez será con Seego…. por ahora no contamos más. Bottom View

RealTrack Systems es distribuidor en exclusiva para España y Portugal de MOXY

WIMU and the Latvia National Football team

For the last weeks, Realtrack Systems team has been working with Alejandro Muñoz (Latvian Football Federation physical trainer) developing new features for Qüiko.

The newest Champion of the Baltic Cup purchased a pack of WIMUs. Alejandro is doing a very brilliant job by introducing news and innovations for the national team and the Federation.

We couldn’t be more proud to collaborate with him and the Federation.


Experimedia 2014: Carviren demonstration

Two weeks ago, Realtrack was on the Barcelona meeting at the CAR of Sant Cugat. We were assisting to the Experimedia General Assamble, where all the experimenters were going to be reviewed.

Three demonstration were scheduled for those days: Playhist (Tecnalia), 3DRSBA (Qualysis) and CARVIREN (Realtrack Systems).

A brief recap about CARVIREN:

Carviren is a virtual network for the CAR, where athletes and coaches can access using a rolling system and check in real time or delayed mode the different training sessions recorded. Information is visualized using a widgets system called Sportwis. These sportwis give elaborate information in a simple and visual way, so rapid feedback can be achieved.

For recording the raw data we use WIMU in its dual way: as a hub (collecting data from external ANT+ sensors) and as a collector device (with its inside sensors: accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, etc.).

Our demonstration consisted in a accessing the Carviren website using 3 types of roles:

  1. Administrator (full access)IMG_8723
  2. Trampoline coach (access to the trampoline widgets)
  3. Gymnast coach (access to the life video of the gymnast area)




At the same time, we had an athlete from Trampoline jumping and doing a session:IMG_20140513_185704







And also an on going session broadcasting video in the Gymnast Female area:









The aim of the demonstration was to access to the CARVIREN experiment using an Iphone (IOS), an Android tablet and a Laptop (Windows); show different information according to the different roles and all of it, in real time:


This experiment was focused on Real time, next demonstration will add new Sportwis (like the flying time for trampoline) and the Recording System and database (for  the delay mode).

Stay tuned, we will keep you posted!