First Run of CARVIREN

Last Monday (28th of July), we were at the CAR running the first of the two runs required by Experimedia.


We were testing CARVIREN. For those who catch up on us now, here is a small remember about «what’s CARVIREN?»:

Carviren is a virtual network for the CAR, where athletes and coaches can access using a rolling system and check in real time or delayed mode the different training sessions recorded. Information is visualized using a widgets system called Sportwis. These sportwis give elaborate information in a simple and visual way, so rapid feedback can be achieved.

For recording the raw data we use WIMU in its dual way: as a hub (collecting data from external ANT+ sensors) and as a collector device (with its inside sensors: accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, etc.).


Disciplines tested

We tested two disciplines: trampoline and triatlon. For the trampoline discipline we were testing our monitor «jumps», that measures flight time, forces and high. For triatlon we tested Moxy (monitorization of oxygen in the muscle during the excersice).



1- Switch on WIMU

2- Go to the website (

3- Create a new training session

4- Place WIMU and the Heart Rate belt on the athelete:



5- Run a 10 jump session:


6- End session

7. Load the session:



1- Switch on WIMU

2- Go to the website (

3- Create a new training session

4- Place WIMU, 2 moxys, heart rate, speed and cadence on the athelete and the bike:


5- Run a 10 minutes cycling session:



6- End session

7. Load session and analyze it:




This first run of the experiment lasted two days. Two more sessions were registered with video.
The session in trampoline gave us consolidate and constant results, with a small variations (less than 5ms) for real flight time.
Moxy session (with two of them) showed us how muscles from both legs from the same person act different when oxygen consumption; and by monitoring that, specific training can be applied to reinforce the weakness leg to reduce injuries during training and competition.

Special Thanks to:

First of all, to all the people from the CAR de Sant Cugat that helped us and made possible these two amazin days. Our very special thanks to Josep Escoda, Ventura Ferrer, Marck Collado, Anna Torras, Marc Torras, Oriol Martínez, Guillem Villa and Clara Bozzo.