Seego now allows Moxy monitors

Today, we received the ANT+ certification for a new ANT+ profile: moxy monitor.

This new sensor can be displayed now in Seego. A complement for the Heart Rate that was already being showed.

With this post, we want to show you what are we bringing new to the game.

1. Seego allows more than 50 sensors simultaneously with a single ANT+ USB (the micro model). That means, you can have now more than the limited 8 profiles that other softwares have. In good condition, up to 70 different devices (no matter moxys or hr belts). And of course, if you add a new USB, you double the range (amount of users and coverage).

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CARVIREN case of study

1CARVIREN has been one of our favorite projects. This experiment (inside Experimedia) has been a challange. Not only for the first use of muscle oxygen saturation in an European Project, but also due the development of the Trampolin widget.

Currently, the machines to measure fligth time in this olimpic discipline is quite expensive and difficult to use. With Carviren we wanted to do it with WIMU, synchronizing with video, heart rate and oxigen saturation and display all of it in a friendly website.

Do you want to know more about the challenges and how we faced them? Check out our CARVIREN case of Study.

«CARVIREN case of study» is available in English on Amazon and Create Space or pdf download.