Seego now allows Moxy monitors

Today, we received the ANT+ certification for a new ANT+ profile: moxy monitor.

This new sensor can be displayed now in Seego. A complement for the Heart Rate that was already being showed.

With this post, we want to show you what are we bringing new to the game.

1. Seego allows more than 50 sensors simultaneously with a single ANT+ USB (the micro model). That means, you can have now more than the limited 8 profiles that other softwares have. In good condition, up to 70 different devices (no matter moxys or hr belts). And of course, if you add a new USB, you double the range (amount of users and coverage).


2. Seego allows a mix of Moxy and Heart Rate. Heart Rate is always an important parameter and it helps to undertand the values moxy gives by showing you the intensity of the athlete.


3. What information does Seego provide about Moxy? Seego shows the THb  (% of changes in the Total Hemoglobin concentration) and the SmO2 (oxygen saturation in the muscle) and it shows evolution in realtime of the previous values of these values. And of course, all these get recorded in the database and can be printed in reports or be exported in xls format.


4. In order to get it clearer, following there is a comment from the creator explaining more about the Thb and the SmO2. You can find the whole post here:

«Oxy Hemoglobin Concentration = O2Hb = The grams of oxygenated hemoglobin per deciliter of tissue
Deoxy Hemoglobin Concentration = HHb = The grams of deoxygenated hemoglobin per deciliter of tissue

Total Hemoglobin Concentration = O2Hb + HHb = The total grams of hemoglobin per deciliter of tissue

SmO2= 100 * O2Hb / (O2HB + HHB) = Percentage of hemoglobin that is oxygenated

Moxy measures SmO2 in an absolute sense.  An SmO2 of 60 means that 60% of the hemoglobin is oxygenated.

Moxy’s THb measurement is only a relative indication of changes in the Total Hemoglobin concentration. If the Moxy THb goes up, that indicates that the total hemoglobin concentration in the muscle went up. However, we can’t say anything about the absolute value of the total hemoglobin concentration.» – Roger Schmitz

And of course, the most important. You will continue having Seego HR inside this new Seego. So you can use it at a fitness centre or outside, monitoring in real-time a group workout or a game.

With all the previuous functionalities such as rank-point system based on intensity; heart rate pace reports, multi-screen, optimized for Windows 8 tablets, plug and play extensors, no extra totems and expenses (still a low cost product), great customization of the user’s profile to have a perfect background a follow up; and many more!.

Learn more about seego hr here: