Seego now allows Moxy monitors

Today, we received the ANT+ certification for a new ANT+ profile: moxy monitor.

This new sensor can be displayed now in Seego. A complement for the Heart Rate that was already being showed.

With this post, we want to show you what are we bringing new to the game.

1. Seego allows more than 50 sensors simultaneously with a single ANT+ USB (the micro model). That means, you can have now more than the limited 8 profiles that other softwares have. In good condition, up to 70 different devices (no matter moxys or hr belts). And of course, if you add a new USB, you double the range (amount of users and coverage).

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Nacsport and RealTrack Systems reach collaboration agreement


Nacsport and Realtrack Systems collaboration agreement

Nacsport and RealTrack Systems have signed a collaboration agreement. Both companies develop technology applied to improve performance in sports from two different and complementary approaches. They will collaborate in technical and commercial levels.

This agreement will allow both companies to generate a synergy to nurture the technology developed by each other. By doing so, both companies will be able to offer their customers more and better solutions in the field of performance analysis.

Nacsport develops and markets performance analysis solutions. Users are able to make better decisions after getting quality information from using it. The Nacsport suite includes seven video analysis programs and also an iPad app. They have all been created to allow a more detailed analysis for every user, no matter what their level or budget is.

RealTrack Systems provides sport professionals with precise and constant data regarding physical activity, such as acceleration, speed, distance covered or heart rate, among others. These data are monitored through their leading device, Wimu, and shown via Qüiko and Wisee, specific software used to interpret this information.

The products developed by both companies are highly complementary and intended for the same users, that is, athletes and sport professionals who need to get valuable and comprehensive information so they can optimise performance and results.

Nacsport y RealTrack Systems alcanzan un acuerdo de colaboración

nacsport y realtrack

Colaboración Nacsport y Realtrack Systems

Nacsport y RealTrack Systems han firmado un acuerdo de colaboración a través del cual ambas compañías, que desarrollan tecnología aplicada a la mejora de la actividad deportiva desde dos enfoques distintos, y a la vez complementarios, trabajarán de manera conjunta a nivel técnico y comercial.

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Visita al Getafe C.F S.A.D

Recientemente fuimos invitados por el equipo técnico del Getafe C.F a realizar una jornada de trabajo con ellos, tuvimos la oportunidad de trabajar mano a mano con Óscar García, preparador físico del equipo. La visita nos permitió trabajar durante su jornada de entrenamiento con Wimu + Qüiko + Wisee. Desde ya dar gracias al equipo técnico y jugadores por la acogida que nos dieron, y darles la bienvenida a la familia Wimu que día a día va creciendo.

getafe S.A.D

Óscar García y Cosmin Contra hablando previamente con Carlos Padilla sobre Wimu

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First Run of CARVIREN

Last Monday (28th of July), we were at the CAR running the first of the two runs required by Experimedia.


We were testing CARVIREN. For those who catch up on us now, here is a small remember about “what’s CARVIREN?”:

Carviren is a virtual network for the CAR, where athletes and coaches can access using a rolling system and check in real time or delayed mode the different training sessions recorded. Information is visualized using a widgets system called Sportwis. These sportwis give elaborate information in a simple and visual way, so rapid feedback can be achieved.

For recording the raw data we use WIMU in its dual way: as a hub (collecting data from external ANT+ sensors) and as a collector device (with its inside sensors: accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, etc.).


Disciplines tested

We tested two disciplines: trampoline and triatlon. For the trampoline discipline we were testing our monitor “jumps”, that measures flight time, forces and high. For triatlon we tested Moxy (monitorization of oxygen in the muscle during the excersice).

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Arduino & 3D Opensource Printers workshop day

Last weekend (the 29th and the 30th of Mars) has been interesting in RealTrack Systems.  On Saturday, we have the opportunity to collaborate and host with a workshop regarding the Arduino Day.  On Sunday, the workshop continued with the setting up of a 3D Printer, with a very special guest: Mr. Juan Manuel Amuedo @colepower: software developer, Spanish Arduino forum moderator, member LaNaveCC, a technologist, defender of the open-culture, builder of the reprap 3D printers,  participant of the Clone Wars project and…. a  inquisitive  “daddy”. All a character.  All that, organized by the group  HackLabAlmeria

This collaboration have been framed inside the Social Responsibility RealTrack maintains, humble, but with the willing of support this and other activities done by people who want to do things, from a technological point of view, or entrepreneurship, or learning, or sharing….   We are happy to provide our grain of sand and collaborate with any initiative that helps to make a better world.

Same pictures of the event (thanks to Jose Manuel), here: