First Ever Monitoring of Players’ physical condition has been carried out in Virsliga

Interesting project of Alejandro Muñoz López, fitness coach of Latvian national team, that analyze the campaign of player’s physical condition and demands during official matches.

PURPOSE: to analyse the physical demands during official matches in Virsliga to determine the physical condition that Latvian football players must have to could perform with a good level in Virsliga. These results may be used to understand better the training process, adapting loads and efforts according to real demands, player specific position, match moment and formation used.

Link to full article:

Some pictures of the presentation:…gallery


Seego now allows Moxy monitors

Today, we received the ANT+ certification for a new ANT+ profile: moxy monitor.

This new sensor can be displayed now in Seego. A complement for the Heart Rate that was already being showed.

With this post, we want to show you what are we bringing new to the game.

1. Seego allows more than 50 sensors simultaneously with a single ANT+ USB (the micro model). That means, you can have now more than the limited 8 profiles that other softwares have. In good condition, up to 70 different devices (no matter moxys or hr belts). And of course, if you add a new USB, you double the range (amount of users and coverage).

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CARVIREN case of study

1CARVIREN has been one of our favorite projects. This experiment (inside Experimedia) has been a challange. Not only for the first use of muscle oxygen saturation in an European Project, but also due the development of the Trampolin widget.

Currently, the machines to measure fligth time in this olimpic discipline is quite expensive and difficult to use. With Carviren we wanted to do it with WIMU, synchronizing with video, heart rate and oxigen saturation and display all of it in a friendly website.

Do you want to know more about the challenges and how we faced them? Check out our CARVIREN case of Study.

“CARVIREN case of study” is available in English on Amazon and Create Space or pdf download.

Participación de RealTrack Systems en el III International Congress on Team Sport de la Universidad Pablo Olávide de Sevilla

Este fin de semana pasado, tuvimos la oportunidad de asistir al III International Congress on Team Sport (ICTS); organizado por el Master en la Universidad Pablo Olávide de Sevilla (UPO).

En este congreso, se tuvo la oportunidad de compartir ciencia y experiencia, con los asistentes que se acercaron a él.

Sin títuloRealTrack Systems asistió con un stand; en el cual, los asistentes al congreso, tuvieron oportunidad de conocer Wimu de primera mano. Además impartimos un taller sobre Wimu, donde los compañeros Carlos Padilla y José Pino (@josepinoortega) mostraron Wimu en tiempo real. Contamos con la inestimable colaboración de Alejandro Muñoz López (@aml_fc), preparador físico de la Selección Letona de Fútbol. Alejandro nos relató su experiencia como usuario.

Los conferenciantes de este año fueron de un nivel altísimo; con figuras internacionales. Un ejemplo especialmente impactante, fue la conferencia de Aaron Coutts (@aaronjcoutts), que nos contó su experiencia con sensores y dispositivos para la monitorización. Ambos, coincidimos en el enfoque que defiende el uso de más sensores como acelerómetros, giroscopios, etc.; además del ya conocido, GPS.

Desde RealTrack Systems queremos mostrar nuestro agradecimiento a Aaron Coutts, por su empatía y entusiasmo con Wimu. Y al doctor Pablo Floria (@pablofloria), de la UPO, por su invitación a participar en este evento.


CARVIREN Experiment Promotional Video

From RealTrack Systems we would like to thank Experimedia Partners and rest of Experimenters the great support during the whole experiment. We know there were a few tricky days, with a lot of tension and tons of work. But we all got through.

The best part has been meeting you all, top human value from each single one of you. Although we’ve only been in the project for a year, we had the feeling that we were welcome since the first moment.

We wish to all Experimedia participants the best of lucks. Hopefully, we will work together again soon.This is not the end, just the beginning, of many more goals to achieve with the Experimedia Association, and we, RealTrack, are very exciting about it!

Analyzing a Football match with Wimu

We leave you here some the pictures from our colleague José Pino Ortega. We’ve collected some of the most interesting pictures of his daily trainings with youth football teams. These tactical, cinematic and physiologic analysis have been conducted with Wimu, Qüiko y Wisee. This collection has been conducted with our Quiko tool: the  GIS (Geographic Information Systems). This is a sample of what you can do with Wimu and Qüiko:

(Click on the image for full size)

1. Visual representation of three players in a Football 7 pitch:



2. Heatmap of one of the players during the game:


3. Spatial analyze of the defence. Players positions (with and without tail: 1, 2 and 4 players)2


4. Heart Rate projection  by intervals:



5. Sprints projection by intervals:



6. Distance relations between players and pitch’s elements:



7. Area relations between players and pitch’s elements:



Análisis de un partido de fútbol con WIMU

Aquí os dejamos algunas de las imágenes de nuestro compañero José Pino Ortega. Hemos recopilado algunas de las más interesantes de sus entrenamientos del día a día en fútbol base, en estos realiza análisis cinemática, tácticos y fisiológicos utilizando Wimu, Qüiko y Wisee. Esta recopilación está más centrada en el uso de nuestra herramienta GIS (Sistema de información geográfica), integrada en el software Qüiko. Esto es una muestra de lo que se puede realizar con Wimu y Qüiko:

(Pincha en las imágenes para ver en tamaño completo)

1. Representación visual de tres jugadores en un campo de Fútbol 7:



2. Heatmap de uno de los jugadores durante el partido:

3. Análisis espacial de la defensa. Situación de los jugadores (con y sin estela: 1, 2 y 4 jugadores)


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Nacsport and RealTrack Systems reach collaboration agreement


Nacsport and Realtrack Systems collaboration agreement

Nacsport and RealTrack Systems have signed a collaboration agreement. Both companies develop technology applied to improve performance in sports from two different and complementary approaches. They will collaborate in technical and commercial levels.

This agreement will allow both companies to generate a synergy to nurture the technology developed by each other. By doing so, both companies will be able to offer their customers more and better solutions in the field of performance analysis.

Nacsport develops and markets performance analysis solutions. Users are able to make better decisions after getting quality information from using it. The Nacsport suite includes seven video analysis programs and also an iPad app. They have all been created to allow a more detailed analysis for every user, no matter what their level or budget is.

RealTrack Systems provides sport professionals with precise and constant data regarding physical activity, such as acceleration, speed, distance covered or heart rate, among others. These data are monitored through their leading device, Wimu, and shown via Qüiko and Wisee, specific software used to interpret this information.

The products developed by both companies are highly complementary and intended for the same users, that is, athletes and sport professionals who need to get valuable and comprehensive information so they can optimise performance and results.