Analyzing a Football match with Wimu

We leave you here some the pictures from our colleague José Pino Ortega. We’ve collected some of the most interesting pictures of his daily trainings with youth football teams. These tactical, cinematic and physiologic analysis have been conducted with Wimu, Qüiko y Wisee. This collection has been conducted with our Quiko tool: the  GIS (Geographic Information Systems). This is a sample of what you can do with Wimu and Qüiko:

(Click on the image for full size)

1. Visual representation of three players in a Football 7 pitch:



2. Heatmap of one of the players during the game:


3. Spatial analyze of the defence. Players positions (with and without tail: 1, 2 and 4 players)2


4. Heart Rate projection  by intervals:



5. Sprints projection by intervals:



6. Distance relations between players and pitch’s elements:



7. Area relations between players and pitch’s elements:



Automatic analysis of football games using GPS on real time

Global Positioning System (GPS) is a localization system designed by the United States Department of Defence in 1978 that allows knowing latitude, longitude and altitude. To a certain extent, soccer action implies using space in an intelligent way that can be tracked by describing players’ positions on the pitch. This technology has been used in human movement studies as well for the study of human locomotion and cross-country skiing for instance. The main objective of this investigation was to test and ad hoc designed and developed application for real time recording of cinematic and physiological variables of team sports.

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