Arduino & 3D Opensource Printers workshop day

Last weekend (the 29th and the 30th of Mars) has been interesting in RealTrack Systems.  On Saturday, we have the opportunity to collaborate and host with a workshop regarding the Arduino Day.  On Sunday, the workshop continued with the setting up of a 3D Printer, with a very special guest: Mr. Juan Manuel Amuedo @colepower: software developer, Spanish Arduino forum moderator, member LaNaveCC, a technologist, defender of the open-culture, builder of the reprap 3D printers,  participant of the Clone Wars project and…. a  inquisitive  «daddy». All a character.  All that, organized by the group  HackLabAlmeria

This collaboration have been framed inside the Social Responsibility RealTrack maintains, humble, but with the willing of support this and other activities done by people who want to do things, from a technological point of view, or entrepreneurship, or learning, or sharing….   We are happy to provide our grain of sand and collaborate with any initiative that helps to make a better world.

Same pictures of the event (thanks to Jose Manuel), here: