Analysis of shocks on Mountain bike

The practice of mountain bike cycling is wide spreading increasingly as a leisure and free time activity. Currently more progress and development are being applied to this sport, looking for lightweight materials (stronger and less rigid), cyclist position (ergonomics) and shocks on the rider (front and rear suspensions).

In this situation we have used WIMU (two units) for shock intensity analysis over the rider simultaneously in 2 points (bicycle’s handlebar and rider’s body) on a stairs descent (the steps height is approximately 18 cm).

The importance of WIMU in this session relates to the study of the shocks over the bike, and analyses how the cyclist’s arms send the intensity of the impacts to his body (relates to the importance of using a good technique of arms and body).

On the other hand, WIMU allows us to see the functions of the front suspensions (it’s about 100 mm). We can see that when using suspension systems, there are no rebounds when facing impacts. This is a great improvement to the rider’s control.

Maximum intensity measured on the rider: 4.4 G
Maximum intensity measured on the bike: 6.6 G